Veterinary Services

Pet Surgery
in Muncie, IN

At Riverview Animal Hospital, the majority of orthopedic and soft tissue procedures can be completed. In order to alleviate your worries about the risks associated with anesthesia, we use the most advanced monitoring technology.

Pet Surgery

A unique anesthesia protocol is given to each patient. We carefully select sedatives before inducing anesthesia and use painkillers, antibiotics, and fluid therapy during surgery. This helps maintain blood pressure control. 

If your pet needs surgery, call our staff as soon as possible to get all the information you need. We employ cutting-edge technologies to provide our patients with the safest surgical procedures possible. Every step of the road, our experts will be available for you and your pet to answer any questions you may have. At discharge, we ensure you are well informed about the post-release care your furry family member will need.